Ministry of Velocity

Ministry of Velocity is a software consultancy with a collaborative methodology and egalitarian ethos. Taking inspiration from the stamps and insignias of government agencies, their logo represent the velocity of a project over time, a critical tool they use everyday. The brand strategy emphasizes a contemporary take on utopian visual communication, drawing a connection to avant-garde movements like Russian Constructivism and Bauhaus. The brand celebrates this shared ideological kinship with past utopian movements while seeking to move our present technology culture forward.

logo design / responsive web / print collateral






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Ensemble is a product currently in development by MoV that seeks to fill the void where the app Screenhero left off after it was acquired by Slack. This mini site serves as a portal to log beta users in so they can test the product while it is in development. The brand needed to family with the parent company while having a unique identity of it's own. Graphics and illustrations express the core purpose of connecting remote workers and their screens across the fiber optics that keep all us workers humming.



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