The US Green Building Council had an existing website called GBIG, the Green Building Information Gateway which served as a directory for green building professionals. Guilty of low customer adoption, I was tasked with conducting research and interviews to tease out how to make the product more successful. We saw that users set up a profile but didn't have a hugely compelling reason to return. At the same time, the site's blog had regularly updating content which they were not highlighting. My recommendation was to invert the Information Architecture, pulling content from deeper in the site to surface on the homepage, and make GBIG into a resource for important news, networking, and professional development. GBIG already had valuable content, they just weren't showcasing it. In addition, I audited their UX/UI, making the site more modular, flexible, and clean. Finally, I updated their brand to have a more design-forward aesthetic that appeals to architects and other creative professionals.

user research / UI / branding / responsive web / print






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