Repurposed parking garages
Metropolis is a start-up working at the intersection of real estate infrastructure and urban mobility. Rethinking the limited service paradigm of parking garages, Metropolis wanted to reimagine what is possible within these mostly stagnant spaces. We began with conducting a service blueprint, mapping out the user's experience as they transition in and out of the garage, navigating both physical and digital spaces. The client wanted to create a touchless experience, eliminating the need for payment and ticketing delays, and activating moments of delight.

I led the UX team at ueno in analyzing the processes and workflows of parking garages with an eye toward recasting them as quick, convenient, and pleasant experiences. Rethinking parking lots as interconnected mobility hubs, we designed their app to smooth the transition between digital and real-world interactions.
We designed the app with rapid prototyping in mind, trying out new service models for their fleet of redesigned spaces. We tested the prototype with users, focusing on features such as rapid car retrieval, and valet pick-up. We built in the ability to scale their offering to include add-ons like last-mile transportation, co-working spaces, fuel-ups, car washes, dry cleaning, and more. Their app is currently being beta tested in Los Angeles, CA and Fort Worth, TX.