Emotional Intelligence

Smart Sparrow is an education technology company with an adaptive learning platform. Their client was a group at The University of Arizona researching online training in Emotional Intelligence for the U.S. Military. I worked closely with a team of learning designers doing user research into the target audience and then created the UI and visual design for the product. Our initial research demonstrated a need to keep the experience engaging and appealing to a population forced to do online training frequently. We decided on a quantified-self model that would encourage daily use, similar to the culture of physical training or PT that military personnel practice every morning, we positioned this as a daily practice for the mind.


The structure of the interface mirrors the curriculum flow as developed by the learning designers and allows for linear sequences, dependencies, and choose-your-own-adventure exploration. The data aggregates over time to show progress and is displayed in a dashboard panel on the homepage. Colored smoke is used as a persistent visual theme throughout to designate different emotional states.

UX-UI / visual design / data visualization






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