There App

Collaboration for distributed teams
A former client of mine resurfaced one day with a new product idea for teams working at trade shows and conferences. Dispersed within the built environment, team members need the ability to collaborate and communicate under fast-paced and sometimes chaotic conditions. We began the design process with product validation interviews to gauge user interest and identify the most viable business opportunities. Based on those conversations we narrowed down our initial audience to marketing professionals and event planners responsible for creating and organizing conferences. I then moved quickly into designing the information architecture and wireframes. Further usability tests allowed us to revisit our audience and garner their feedback with a clickable prototype in hand. Once validated, these mocks were passed on to the developers for implementation.
The visual design is inspired by wayfinding systems and their effectiveness at guiding visitors toward the shortest path. The art direction employs the kind of "You Are Here" dot commonly found in public signage maps that help us orient ourselves in a complex environment. This graphic style was applied across all touchpoints, including the visual design of the product, a marketing website, and presentation materials for investors. You can view the complementary branding work for the company here.