An open source genomics database
Franklin is a cloud-based app providing genetic data collection, sequencing, and clinical analysis to the pharmaceutical, research, and healthcare industries. The company was in need of a new brand to express their advanced scientific knowledge and people-oriented, human touch. The logo and art direction are inspired by the visual patterns created by the tools of genetics research - the techniques of gel electrophoresis and other analysis methods that allow us to see deeply into our genetics. Using this technology, variations in genetic sequence are rendered visible by clipping DNA in specific locations and tracking the resulting fragments, unraveling the mysteries within for the betterment of human health.
Graphic building blocks
Gradients, shapes, and lines form the building blocks of Franklin's graphic illustrations. When combined, they form abstract pictures which evoke the materials and processes of genetic analysis along with the ideas and concepts we wish to communicate. The examples below show proposals of these graphics in use.