Sofar Ocean

An ocean technology startup
One of the great obstacles for accurate climate modeling of the ocean environment is a lack of direct data measurements. Sofar Ocean was founded to address this deficit by designing and manufacturing Spotter, a small-scale weather buoy that collects data in the far reaches of the open ocean. In my role as Design Lead I oversaw all of our branding and marketing collateral, ensuring our core purpose and vision were communicated clearly. To this end, I updated our logo, authored our brand guidelines, maintained our websites, supported the hardware team with 2D graphics, and provided internal and external marketing as needed.
When Sofar moved into a space on the San Francisco waterfront I worked on the experiential design for our new office. With the ocean just outside our door, I wanted to make a connection to the landscape outside. For the exterior signage, the "moon" of the logo is framed to sit against a perfect blue sky. The entryway welcomes visitors with the same Sofar blue as they enter into the space. Once inside, the screens in our conference rooms cycle meditatively through marine environments where Sofar's weather buoys can be found.